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$5- $20

Mild shampoo designed to gently cleanse by lifting dirt and debris from the scalp and hair without stripping. This is a sulphate-free cleanser and works well for all African American hair types. pH balance 4.5

$5- $23

This soft holding styling gel is great for all hair types and is among the favorites in the more humid regions. The combination of, Cocoa Butter, Coconut Oil and Aloe Vera allows the hair to receive and retain moisture while eliminating frizz. pH Balance 5.0 

$16- $16

This thick creamy olive butter deep conditioner is designed to detangle, moisturize, and soften hair to put an end to breakage. Komaza Olive Moisture Mask does not contain proteins making it friendly to deep condition weekly if you choose. pH Balance 4.5

$5- $12

Replenishes moisture, helps to control frizz and tangles while strengthening the hair. The bends of curls and coils are sometimes dry and fragile which can lead to breakage. Coconut water and oil are an excellent, easily absorbable, and a balanced source of moisture and protein. pH Balance 4.5

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